Luangprabang Morning Market

It has been almost 6 years since I last visited Luangprabang morning market.  You can find just about anything at this market ranging from silk to wild animals.  This particular morning I got up super early for the morning alms and had some time to kill afterward.  I decided to stroll down to the morning market.

The entrance..

dried fish anyone? shrimps or tiny frog??

fresh catches from MeKong River

chickens... dried cow skin

ka nom koke..

banana and papaya... and there are also undies and bra

riverweed from MeKong or Nam Khan River.

wild mushroom (het hu nu)

fresh meats


ready to eat meal.. grill fish, chicken, sausage, and beef jerky.

fresh fruits..

check out those papayas.



13 thoughts on “Luangprabang Morning Market

  1. Nye

    You actually get to see the golden hour. 🙂
    Everything look so fresh, I do want to go back to take pictures. Did you get a good shot of the morning Alms giving?

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Yes, I sure did.. I’ll be writing a blog about the disturbing scene during the morning alms. I got some okay shots but wishes I had my tripod with me. Stay tune..

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Majority of folks in Laos still going to the market at least twice a day. Even though most of homes do have refrigerators, but people doesn’t like to store foods in it. I love strolling through different markets in Laos.

  2. cn

    Looks like you had a good vacation. We just had a friend come back from last month and they said prices are skyrocketing.

    The food here is so abundant and fresh. But I would probably just eat fruits, especially with all the fruit stands.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Oh hello there Cambree,
      Almost didn’t recognized you under this new sn.

      Yes! I had an awesome vacation and probably the longest time I spend in Laos. I got used to the routines there and it was hard to left it behind. Yes, the exchange rate doesn’t really favor the U.S. dollars that well and things are little pricey. Although, there are some stuffs that still very reasonable. I found myself spend more $$$ on this trip than other previous trips. I even had my brother wired me some more $$ hahahhaha

  3. Chel

    Generally speaking, markets in Laos are quite interesting. LoL Bananas and papayas, panties and bras….they do rhyme! 😀

    I wish I get a chance to see Luang Prabang.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Chel, I have to agree with you on that one.. They tend to mixed things up a lot there, how many other countries where you can buy bananas, papayas, panties and bras at same location? hahhahaha

      Oh.. wow!!! On your next trip back to Laos, Luangprabang is a must stop destination for you. I think you will fall in love with the city, like many folks whom visited this town.

  4. Victor

    I remember this market. Sure love to go back again but don’t know when. Has the place change much? Some time it is hard to go back knowing that tourism and commercialism will take away the charm for progressiveness in a society. But, then it is UNESCO heritage site which should protect and preserve the nature and living culture of the people and township.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Victor, I don’t think the market itself changes much since your last visit. What I’ve notices right away was there are more vendors compared to previous visit. Also, there are more tourists for sure, whether that is bad or good. It depends on who you asked I guess. I had a chance to talked to few older ladies that comes out giving alms, they all said soon the traditions will be gone. Most locals sales their homes in town to folks that converted to guesthouses or restaurants. The monks mainly depends on locals every morning for their meals. I saw less locals coming out giving morning alms.

      1. Victor

        Hmm…., I love my life experience there with the rich culture, and the spiritualness of the morning alm. It will be shame if the morning alm slowly dwindle because the local folks move out making way for tourism. Like you said, depending on who you asked.

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