If you ever travel through Laos, most likely that you will run into some odd signs along the way.  I didn’t captured all the crazy signs I saw, but managed to come back with few funny signs.  Perhaps, the Department of Transportation ever thought about standardized their road signs.  Throughout the country, most streets are without names or not post it properly.  I am not even sure if some of those streets are given its name to begin with.

Also, signs from various tourist destinations aren’t standardized at all.  This blog is simply bringing out some humors of all these signs.  I love Laos, but common people.. Let’s get this right!! Some of these signs might take couple times of reading before you bust out a laugh.

Talking about missing in translation... Those words in Lao simply said.. Caution, Slippery Area.

Tharng pai yil... hahahah Love the picture

Noodle shoup for 10,000 kips.. hahah I actually ate there once and it is pretty good.

Why bother paying for the sign? When you can go ahead and write it on the wall.. hahhahah This is pretty typical in Laos.

Again.. Lao word said.. No Passing but in english.. Danger!! hahaha This sign is from one of the waterfall in Champasak.

walkingdow??? lol

hahhaha This one is pretty funny.. In Lao, it simply said.. This way down to the bottom of fall..
Way down.... lol

I found this sign at Wat Phou, Champasak..

Construction site next to Khop Chai Deu Restaurant.. Classic!!

Wat Sisaket, I was charged as the locals... 2,000 kips($0.25)

This is probably the funniest sign of all. I found this sign at the Victory Gate Monument(Arnousawaree).


9 thoughts on “Signs

  1. Nye

    seeharhed, those signs are funny especially the waterfall, it is way down. I paid as a local for Wat Sisaket also, but she looked at me funny and I tried my best to sound like Tai Tai local. 🙂

    1. seeharhed Post author

      I love reading signs in Laos… Always bring a smile to my face :-). I had this discussion with my buddies (expatriate) whom moved back to live in Laos about standardized things in the country. Their answers are simply… why bother? They just worry about making as much money as possible.

      All the tourist sites I’ve visited on this trip, I paid the local entrance fees. I walked up to the counter at Wat Phu, I said… “khon lao der, 5 pee(ticket)”.. Lady replies.. “Aii pen khon lao va?” hahahah I smile and answered her…. “man leaw, khon lao nee la”.. She thought I was a Korean.. hahahhaha

  2. cn

    This is what they mean when they say “it’s lost in translation”. The human squirting liquid… that is really funny. 🙂

  3. Chel

    Those are funny indeed! Ha ha Made me remember some of the funny signs I’ve seen myself. I miss the food in Khop Chai Deu. The cOnstruction works still on going near the restaurant? Whats taking it too long to finish?

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Chel, Thanks for stopping by.. What?? You like the foods from Khop Chai Deu?? I mostly go there for the drinks, you can get similar(better) foods and cheap elsewhere.

      It is pretty typical ways of doing things in Laos.. Once the money stop flowing, the works will slow down and it shows all over town. From what I heard, the Korean will be opening its Bank at the location and apartment complex above.

      1. Chel

        Well, I really dont drink that much. My falang friends in Laos often take me there for dinner. They, of course, drink several bottles while I eat all the food ha ha ha. So I kinda have no choice but to like them. I agree there are better restaurants if I want Lao food. I guess Khop Chai Deu is a fav hangout. 😉

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