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Amgen Tour of California – Stage 3

I finally got a chance to witness a professional bicycle tour up close and personal.  It was quite an amazing to see how fast these guys are flying around the corner.  These 128 guys are the top cycling of the world competing in this tour.  The tour consist of 8 stages race from Northern to Southern California.

My co-worker and I took off from work little early to catch the race.  The stage 3 start in downtown San Jose and finishing it in Livermore.  It is about 115.3 miles (185.5 km) race for this stage.  We waited for the race in this tiny farming town of Byron, the whole race lasted about 8 minutes after an hour of waiting.  The two men breakaway group was ahead of the main peloton about 7 minutes.

The two breakaway group. At this point they both already ridden about 88 miles and have about 27 more miles to go to finish line.

Here comes the main peloton group.

Even those team cars are hauling ass around the corner.

Double clicks on the picture to view a larger size.