Wat Lao Saophuth Buddhist Temple, Sacramento CA (April 27th and 28th)

The nice thing about living in Northern California, there are so many Lao Temples all over Northern California within 1 or 2 hrs drives.  Which meant the whole month of April is Lao New Year celebrations going on everywhere.  Most neighboring cities always tried to avoid hosting it same weekend to maximize the potential profits :-).  Lucky for me, I got to attend two different Lao New Year events this year.

On Saturday, I didn’t make it out to the temple til late afternoon.  It was so hot, the first heat wave hitting the Northern California and I wasn’t ready for it.  Once we go to the temple, first thing we did was to look for a shady spot to camp out at.  There are so many venders setting up booths around the temple perimeters.  I didn’t get a chance to walk around much due to the heat.  I got a chance to captured few pictures from the beauty contest.

Since my mom and sister missed the Saturday “tuk bard”, they both asked if I can drive them on Sunday morning.  Usually, I always slept in on the weekend.


IMG_3348 IMG_3474 IMG_3786 IMG_3764 IMG_3756 IMG_3711 IMG_3705 IMG_3599 IMG_3578 IMG_3576 IMG_3506 IMG_3505 IMG_3415 IMG_3398  IMG_3379


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